Our History

The Beginning

Driven by a passion for cars and an urge to change the image of your typical auto repair shop, Tony Cavallaro purchased a little 3,000 square foot lot on Airport Road in 1983 and did exactly that.


Earning a Reputation

Tony and his wife Rita spent years establishing themselves and slowly earning a reputation for their business that they hadn’t seen in the other body shops around them. In 1995, Tony decided to expand his facility and adopt a Citgo station and convenience store attached right to the front of the shop, ran by his sister-in-law Gabby for over 20 years. From there, Airport Auto Body transformed unintentionally into a family owned and operated business.


A full family business

When Tony’s sons were old enough, they were introduced to the auto repair lifestyle – coming in to work with their dad and even fixing up their own cars when they turned 16. The lessons of hard work and time spent together helped them learn the ins and outs of the business. As they became older and more involved and the shop got busier, it was apparent that a larger facility would soon be necessary.


Move to a new facility

In 2017, they packed up and moved around the block to 75 Locust Street, a 34,000 SF space that they totally transformed into a state-of-the-art collision repair center unlike any other. Long-time customers will note the subtle name change– no longer on Airport Road, the shop dropped that from the title and shortened it to Airport Auto Body. They kept that same recognition, though, thanks to years of established successful business in the Hartford community and well beyond.


With over 35 employees, we have become entrenched in the process, and the heart and dedication that started it all is still very much visible. This extends to an even greater community of customers, long-time friends and family members who show continued support for the business.